Monday Mani provides non-toxic at-home gel manicure kits, designed for the everyday woman

Monday Mani's mission is to empower women with a convenient solution that offers a salon-quality gel manicure experience in less than 10 minutes, without compromising on health or style.⁠

Our goal was to create an identity + packaging design that reflected ease and accessibility, but while also having an 'aesthetic' appeal for a modern woman.

We took heavy inspiration from a mid-century modern style, using a combination of geometric shapes and a high-end feeling colour palette of dark greens and neutrals. The cohesive visual language across all touchpoints—from product to web design—ensures a seamless and elegant experience, reflecting the brand's dedication to quality and convenience.


Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Marketing Materials
Web Design


To build a brand that seamlessly combines the convenience of at-home gel manicures with the aesthetic sophistication expected by modern women, while ensuring health-conscious and eco-friendly practices.


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