Noteamine is a digital stationery brand that empowers people to manage their day-to-day lives and goals in a way that works for them

In partnering with Rare Form Dilpreet, founder of Noteamine, sought to dominate the digital stationery market, which makes strategy and aesthetics more important than ever in such a busy space.

In the saturated digital stationery market, the challenge becomes–how do we use branding to position Noteamine as both an everyday staple and an investment into everyday luxury?

How do we help customers seamlessly and enthusiastically make the switch from analog to digital? How do we turn planning, manifesting, dreaming, and organising into a lifestyle staple?

Digital stationery is notoriously more affordable than their tangible counterparts, but we used the branding process to evoke a sense of luxury, refinement, and ease. Every interaction with Noteamine products feels special, which is exactly what you want to feel with products you use every single day.


Brand Identity
Social Media Styling


To build a brand identity that positioned Noteamine as an everyday staple & leader in their industry


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