Pearl Ivy is an avant-garde and timeless clothing boutique that offers a personalised styling experience

By helping you curate a wardrobe that you love to wear, Pearl Ivy ensures that you leave with your purchase feeling like the most “you” version of yourself.

When they reached out to us, it was with the intention of becoming the “it” brand in their area by serving as a place for empowerment, confidence, and a shopping experience that women couldn’t get anywhere else.

Developing the Pearl Ivy identity was a balancing act. Design that feels bold yet elegant. Design that feels timeless and refreshing. But most importantly, design that doesn’t distract from the real showstoppers—the boutique’s pieces—but still feels fresh, unique, and luxe.

By utilising playful, yet timeless, fonts and custom illustrative elements, Pearl Ivy evokes its namesakes–classic, lustrous, eye-catching, and beautiful.


Brand Identity
Social Media Styling
Print design


To develop a timeless, personalised bold identity that combined luxurious and elegant tones


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