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Join the party with purpose and learn how to build brands that perform.

The truth is, there’s room for everyone in the brand strategy and design space. Even when it starts to feel a little squished, you can step up to the plate and start showcasing what makes you magic in your field. Whether you’re a brand intensive queen or a five-figure custom project connoisseur, we’ll help you hone your skills and start delivering the results your clients deserve.


Design with Purpose

Our signature course that has taught dozens of designers the secret behind the Rare Form brand strategy approach. Our clients are head over heels in love with the way that we do brand strategy–translating complicated ideas into purposeful design that actually solves our client’s problems and delivers amazing results.

Brand strategy makes your design business significantly more valuable, because it’s a skill that gives context and substance to the (already visually stunning) work that you do. It’s all about adding depth to your client experience, resulting in better-than-ever outcomes. But the dots that lead you from strategy → design can be tricky to connect. Instead of being yet another course that covers a step-by-step process, Design With Purpose helps you tap into the skills needed to seamlessly transition strategy into effective, powerful visual design.

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Majorly improve your client experience with functional templates that make the everyday tasks of running a business simple, streamlined, and stylish. The Designer’s Toolkit was made by designers, for designers. If every step of your client process feels like more work than it’s worth (hello, sending manual emails, practically begging for timely feedback, and having consistent internal systems), it’s time to shake things up.

The work you do is good. The delivery can be so much better. Why not steal our resources instead of toiling away on your own?

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Need a specific resource for your design business? While everyone else has hopped on the Notion train in the past year, we’ve spent the better part of three years perfecting our Notion templates and building up our template shop. For us, Notion isn’t a trendy resource. It’s the perfect balance of form and function that has allowed us to craft a client experience that everyone raves about. So, we’ve cracked open the vault to give you access to the Notion and Process templates that we use with our clients every single day.



We’ve partnered with our brand and product photographer, Jade Alana, to bring you clean, bright, product-forward branding and packaging mockups that will make your products an easy and obvious “add to cart.”

At Rare Form, we build brand universes for future cult brands. Here, we’ll teach you everything we know about doing it.

Get access to the tools, skills, and resources you need to start building cult-favourite brands.


Design with Purpose

Learn our secrets to crafting cult brands and making our clients the main character of their industry. We don’t hold back when it comes to teaching the next gen of high-value brand strategists & designers.


Brand Bootcamp

Our mini brand strategy training that coaches you through how to build a cult brand. With lifetime access to over 3 hours of content, exclusive templates and live events, you’ll learn the secrets to creating an unforgettable brand experience


Free Training

In this free pre-recorded training, you’ll learn the Rare Form method to translating strategy into a thoughtful brand identity

Free StoryBrand Workbook

In this free 37 page digital workbook, you'll be coached through the Rare Form storybrand framework, with customised strategy exercises for each phase as well as implementation guides for your own strategy process!

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